Margot and Andrew Holmes, the owners

We, Andrew & Margot, have travelled extensively all over the world.

Andrew started his life in the UK in Southport, just north of Liverpool. He spent his teens as a lifeguard in the local swimming pool and that set him up for a lifelong love affair with anything to do with sun and water. After a history degree and a few years as a cop in Liverpool he decided to move to Canada as a karate instructor. After many years of training, competing & coaching in the UK and Canada, he now teaches at the local karate dojo in San Pancho.

Margot was born & bred in the Netherlands right on the North Sea Coast, so beach and water life came natural to her too. After a stint as a flight attendant for Martinair Holland, she too moved to Canada. The first years were spent working on a career in admin and marketing while traveling during the winter months.

Once we met each other and Andrew talked about his dream to have a place in Mexico, we changed the dream into a plan and worked hard to achieve this. We sold Andrew’s company in 2017 and Margot gave up her job in July 2018 to move to San Pancho and fully concentrate on hosting guests at Casa Belenos.


The name Casa Belenos

Bel (Belenos) is the Celtic Sun God, the deity of light, health and healing. Belenos was thought to be associated with healing waters, wells and springs. His cult spread from northern Italy to southern Gaul and Britain. The prefix ‘Bel’ means shining and was often linked with solar and aquatic deities. His name was given to the May festival of Beltane, which means ‘the fire of the God Bel’, and part of the seasonal festival celebrating the rise of the Sun. Spanish sounding (Be-LE-nos) but Celtic. The language that was spoken close to where we are both from, and a good name we thought for our Casa in the Mexican sun, close to the ocean!

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